US hits grim milestone of 5 million coronavirus cases

US to cut troops in Afghanistan to 'less than 5,000', says US defense chief

Twitter in early talks with TikTok about possible combination: WSJ

At least seven dead in fire at coronavirus facility in India

Afghanistan's jirga agrees to free Taliban prisoners

Today marks 75 years since US unleashed world’s second atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki

Lebanese PM pledges to hold early elections

Int’l leaders will hold talks to raise aid for Beirut

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2,060 die in US from COVID-19 in single day, global cases surge past 19mn

Coronavirus vaccine nationalism 'will not help us': WHO

Virus lockdown: Researches fear drop in emissions will have 'no effect' on climate

'Unpopular decision': Afghans to decide on freeing 400 Taliban prisoners

India's coronavirus cases exceed two million

Pakistani couple, both doctors, beaten by police as their daughter died before them

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Trump executive orders target two of China's biggest apps

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declares victory in country's parliamentary election

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Disabled Palestinian couple sew dolls to give children 'decent life'

Sound bites: Kashmir, one year after the abrogation of Article 370

Globally Coronavirus cases surpass 18 million with 690,000 deaths

In India, deaths from Coronavirus in a day hit world's highest daily

Heavy rains, flash floods kill 13 people in South Korea

Polling for parliamentary election will be held tomorrow in Sri Lanka

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Donald Trump says White House working on 'a big immigration bill'

UAE launches start-up operations at first nuclear power plant

Kuwait bans flights to 31 'high risk' countries due to coronavirus

Thousands of Germans protest against coronavirus restrictions

Indian Rafale jets not superior to China's J-20 stealth fighter jet

WHO warns coronavirus pandemic likely to prolong

Israel: Thousands rally against Netanyahu as protests over his alleged corruption

Globally Coronavirus cases surpass 16.9 million with 687,000 deaths

15 killed in grenade attack in northern Cameroon

China urges EU to stop Hong Kong interference

UN Chief encourages Southeast Asia to recover better from COVID-19 July 30, 2020

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